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Forecast 5: Quickfire Week 9 Predictions

Since the first 8 weeks of the 2014 NFL season have flown by quicker than Oscar Pistorious running away from prison, an appropriate article this … Continue reading



We are halfway through the regular season. The NFL marked the occasion with a string of high-scoring games and the most exciting finish to a … Continue reading

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Power Rankings: Week 8

32 (32) – Oakland Raiders I don’t think the Raiders have have a great chance of winning a game this year. Their best chance is … Continue reading

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Bookie’s Playbook: What’s Wrong With Cordarrelle Patterson?

In last year’s draft, Cordarrelle Patterson was considered to be the most explosive player in his class, and the Vikings traded up back into the … Continue reading

NFL Week 8 Bookiebasher

NFL Week 8 Bookiebasher

Another tread-water week, as suggested bets went 2-2. On the bright side, the two winners won by a total of 34.5 points, while the losers … Continue reading

Fantasy Corner: Starts & Sits Week 8

Fantasy Corner: Starts & Sits Week 8

If you have any start/sit questions that you need answered before your games please feel free to ask me on twitter @JamesMaguire21 and I’ll be … Continue reading

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