Welcome to the Official Overtime Ireland Website.

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Here at OTI, We strive to bring you quality and informative shows in which we talk all things American Football. During the season we’ll be bringing you 2 weekly Podcasts. We’re always looking for guests to talk about there involvement in the sport, wether inside the game or from the outside. You will find all the various ways to listen/download our Football Podcasts here.

We hope you enjoy and will continue to enjoy our Football Podcast. We are always looking for feedback on how you think we can improve the show and what you’d like hear on the show.

We also have a talented stable of writers, who will be writing their thoughts, in weekly Ameican Football articles on various aspects of the sport. You can find all their lastest articles here.

You’ll be able to follow all our updates wether it’s a Podcast, an article or just our thoughts on the latest events on our social media accounts. So make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Colm & DJ

The OTI Guys.

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  1. Hey—Heard about you guys through a favorite podcast, the Ross Tucker Football Podcast, and started listening this week and LOVE your show! I am an American living in Japan who is crazy about American football and podcasts, and I am also enamored with Irish accents—so your show was a must-add to my playlist. I am happy to find out that you guys really know your stuff. In addition, it seems like you try to cover all aspects of the game—not just the game itself, but the social issues surrounding it, which I think is unusual in football podcasts. Anyway, just know you have one more regular listener and I look forward to it.

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