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Try as I might, I’m not destined to create the next great metric that will change the fantasy landscape.
Don’t get me wrong, I have Excel workbooks full of spreadsheets, graphs, pivot tables, pivot charts, rankings and so on:
But they’re just for me, and I can assure you they wouldn’t help you…… well…. they might, but they’re my “Precious”.

I’m more of a scavenger, picking apart the best bits from those that I trust have created the best metrics, and using that information to direct my own evaluation of the information that I have created myself.
The term I like to use, which is once again, not one of mine, is “Borrowed Brilliance”, which I believe was coined by Kevin (@the_ff_engineer)

Here in Ireland and I’d expect most countries outside of the USA, you can’t exactly just go down the pub with your mates and expect a conversation about the NFL, fantasy football or the likes.
They’d most likely look at you like you’ve got two heads.
They would not be ignorant of the sport, as we have somewhat of a passion for all sporting activities in this country, and would have at least an understanding of most sports and a passing interest in more.
The fact is though, that the “Lads” conversation is most likely concerned with GAA, Soccer, Rugby, Horse Racing and several others, rather than America’s beautiful game.
And fantasy football, that’s the thing you do at the start of August, right before the English Premiership starts up, and you might be active in managing your team the first few weeks, but soon forget to keep tabs on it.

So where do degenerates like ourselves go to find these like minded people, so that we can have proper discussion on who’s had the best draft, free agency, fantasy offseason and have a bit of craic while doing it.
Thank the football gods for the Internet and it’s offshoots!!
These people are only a click away, be it on your remote, your smartphone or your PC, through a multitude of channels, websites, forums and apps.

I’m going to discuss a sample of just how much content is out there to feast your eyes on.
You are not alone. Embrace the community.




Most of you will no doubt be aware of the Sports TV behemoth on this side of the Atlantic, “Sky”.
Like it or not, we need our fix of Sport and they are the main dealer.
Sky offers weekly Regular season games, with Thursday Night Football, 3 games on Sunday (one in each time-slot) and Monday Night Football as well.
They will bring you right through the playoffs to the SuperBowl.
As well as this, last season they offered NFL RedZone free through the Sky Sports Mix channel, which I’d assume might well be carried on this season.
They fill out some late night TV slots with re-runs of NFL Films productions like, A Football Life and America’s Game.
All in all, not a bad offering you’d have to admit.

With the NFL committing regular season games to London, they have partnered with the BBC to provide coverage of those games at Wembley, Twickenham and the upcoming agreement to play at the New White Hart Lane.
BBC also provide a weekly show to bring you up to date on the game highlights and NFL news that has happened in the past week.

Those of you who cannot access the above coverage for financial or other reasons can always find other avenues to satisfy your fix.
Many will be aware of the many streaming services and media boxes that can help you reach out and touch the USA. These services can hook you up to the coverage of NFL Network, ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports or whatever local networks are covering the games.
I’m not going to debate the legality or otherwise of such services here.

While for those pure unadulterated degenerates, you can stump up for NFL GamePass and stream through your smartphone, games console or possibly Chromecast.



I can honestly say that I do not know where I’d be without the slew of Podcasts that I subscribe to.
The diversity and quality of podcasts being produced by the NFL and Fantasy communities are mind blowing, covering all kinds of subject matter whether inherent or loosely affiliated with the game.
Commuting to and from work, can give ample time to drop in on your favourite analysts conversations, and gather information.
Lunch times also provide another opportunity to get stuck into the tasty dishes these podcasts serve up.
For those of you who know nothing of podcasts, all you need is your smartphone and you can download any of the Podcasting apps whether you are running iOS or Android through iTunes or the Google Play Store.
You can find all sorts of content therein, and you will no doubt have your own favourites that will become your go-to’s. I tend to rotate between those I listen to in season and through the off season.
They differ in their own ways, discussing redraft strategy, dynasty strategy, IDP, player rankings, player ADP, player trade value, draft prospect evaluations, DFS Strategy, NFL news, league commissioner information and other general randomness…..ahem….check out the Bull Rush!

My Current Podcasts on Stitcher:-
Dynasty Blueprint – Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23) and Matt Williamson (@Williamson NFL)
Rotoworld Football Podcast – Josh Norris (@JoshNorris)
Dynasty Trade Calculator Podcast – John Paul Hurley (@DTC_JohnH) and Izzy Elkaffas (@DLF_IzzyE)
Draft Dudes – Kyle Crabbs (@NDTScouting) and Joe Marino (@TheJoeMarino)
Locked on 49ers – Brian Peacock (@BDPeacock)
Dynasty Fantasy Football Under the Helmet (UTH) – Chad Parsons (@ChadParsonsNFL), Tim Torch (@TimNFL) and Katie Flower (@FF_Skyler399)
Living the Stream Fantasy Football – JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB) and Denny Carter (@CDCarter13)
Dynasty One Podcast – Karl Safchick (@KarlSafchick) and Eric Hardter (@EDH_27)
Fantasy Football Engineering – Kevin (@the_ff_engineer)
Harris Football Podcast – Chris Harris (@Harris Football)
Dynasty Life Fantasy – Travis May (@FF_TravisM) and Justin McCasland (@MaclandJ)
Locked on NFL Draft – Jon Ledyard (@LedyardNFLDraft) and Trevor Sikkema (@TampaBayTre)
The Most Accurate Podcast – John Paulsen (@4for4_John) and Anthony Stalter (@AnthonyStalter)
Overtime Ireland NFL – Colm Kelly (@OvertimeIreland) and Doug Moore (@DMooreNFL)
DLF Dynasty Podcast – Chad Scott (@Chad_Scott13), Dan Meylor (@dmeylor22), Matt Price ( @MPricer) and Jeff Miller (@FFJeffM)
The Bull Rush Podcast – Scott Fish (@ScottFish24), Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23) and Frank Perrino (@DynastyFrank)
Footballguys.com The Audible – Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom), Cecil Lammey (@CecilLammey), Matt Waldman (@MattWaldman) and Jene Bramel (@JeneBramel)
Read & React IDP Podcast – Tom Kislingbury (@TomDegenerate) and Adam Tzikas (@Adamtz)
The Dynasty Playbook – Drew Dodson ( @DrewDodsonNFL) and Robert Waziak Jr. (@WazNFL)
Commission: Impossible – Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23) and Scott Fish (@ScottFish24)
DLF Player Rater Podcast – Curtis Patrick (@DynastyCommand) and Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23)




We are of an age where the internet spawned, went forth and multiplied and now demands our attention at every waking moment.
Social media sites have grown from the early days of bebo and MySpace, to Facebook and where all the chatter occurs, Twitter.
If you have an opinion on anything, it’s more than likely that you are voicing this opinion via Twitter, and so that’s where you’ll find the opinions of others.
Let me tell you, the collective voice of the fantasy community is quite strong. It can melt your timeline at times, given the output of those you are wont to follow.
You will note above that I have included the Twitter handles of those that present the various podcasts, which you might like to use as a starting template to build upon yourself when choosing who to follow.
Once you’ve built up a large list to follow, you might find trying to weed out the information you are looking for quite tedious.
Rather than condense the number of people you might follow, let me offer another solution.
There are great ways to manage your feeds and how you view them and you don’t have to be “Verified” to avail of these easy to use tools.
Within the social media app itself is the functionality to create or subscribe to “Lists”, which you can populate by adding those you follow to custom created filters by your own design.
By doing this, you can condense the content you wish to view to the mutterings of the chosen few.
Want to view your Lists in one easy interface, then look no further than “TweetDeck”, an app which incorporates your live Twitter feed with customisable columns which you can create for lists, users, hashtags,etc.
I’m not going to pretend to be any type of guru in this area, which is why I go back to borrow the brilliance of perhaps one of the finest minds out there, Matt Waldman, who can educate you far better on the subject (and many other subjects to boot) than I ever could.

Matt Waldman Article on Footballguys.com



When it comes to dedicated websites, the offering is endless.
They vary from those providing free content, forums, paid subscription services, and those that include a pay wall for certain areas of their sites.
Here you can find the content that fuels the industry. The dedicated writing teams, whether they are doing as part of their job or as a hobby, churn out the articles and rankings that help every user make their own way in navigating their fantasy experience.

Without the likes of Colm @OvertimeIreland and the content they provide to us all, it might be well be a lonely place for the NFL enthusiast outside of the USA.

Below are a list of other useful websites that can sate your American Football appetite.
Be sure to check them out, let them know the good job they are doing and become an active member of the ever increasing community.

Overtime Ireland
Draft Breakdown


This OTI Piece was written by Eric Flynn. Eric is a San Francisco 49ers fan from Cork, Ireland. Huge fantasy focus on game weekends. He has been playing Fantasy Football for over 6 years in all types of leagues, having started out in IDP leagues. Check him out on Twitter @EricJohnFlynn

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