OTI Power Rankings:Week 2

OTI Power Rankings: Week 2

The Overtime Ireland Power Rankings will have a slightly different format starting this week. To make the rankings a little less subjective, I will rank each team’s play at quarterback, offense, defense, special teams (with less bearing there). All of those rankings will combine to form the Power Rankings.

32 – Cleveland Browns (Last Week: 32) QB – 32 | Offense – 32 | Defense – 32

The Browns have had way too many quarterbacks play for them in recent years. With Josh McCown now out for a while with an injury they’ll be forced to add another one to the infamous list-jersey.

31 – Los Angeles Rams (Last Week: 29) QB – 31 | Offense – 31 | Defense – 31

The Rams may have beaten the Seahawks, but I wouldn’t look into the win too much. The Rams have only come away with nine points over the first two weeks of the season.

30 – Chicago Bears (Last Week: 27) QB – 30 | Offense – 29 | Defense – 30

Even though it’s early in the season, the Bears should be somewhat concerned. They’ve already had their fair share of injuries, including Jay Cutler, who hurt his thumb against the Eagles. Not a good start to the John Fox era.

29 – Tennessee Titans (Last Week: 32) QB – 29 | Offense – 30 | Defense – 27

One thing the Titans really wanted to see was Marcus Mariota leading them to a comeback victory. Another thing they would love to see is back-to-back wins, which hasn’t been done in Tennessee since the end of the Mike Munchak era.

28 – Washington Redskins (Last Week: 24) QB – 27 | Offense – 27 | Defense – 29

Kirk Cousins needs to do a much better job in the red zone to give this team better chances. Josh Norman is one of the few players on this team playing well.

27 – Buffalo Bills (Last Week: 28) QB – 22 | Offense – 26 | Defense – 26

The Bills have made a desperate move by firing offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Sitting at 0-2 and with the defense having no impact in the game, how much longer will Rex Ryan last?

26 – Miami Dolphins (Last Week: 25) QB – 25 | Offense 25 | Defense – 24

The Dolphins really struggled facing Jimmy Garoppolo and only had a chance when facing a quarterback picked in the third round. It’ll be tough for them this season to fix their magnitude of issues.

25 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: 15) QB – 24 | Offense 24 | Defense – 25

The Bucs were dominant last week against the Falcons, but they struggled a lot against the Cardinals. Jameis Winston needs to show he can play against the big-boy defenses.

24 – Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week: 20) QB – 26 | Offense – 22 | Defense – 22

The Jags were expected to be an improved team this season, but once again are falling back. How much longer will owner Shad Khan trust Gus Bradley before thinking someone else will run this team better?

23 – San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: 19) QB – 28 | Offense – 23 | Defense – 17

Blaine Gabbert isn’t the type of quarterback than can lead a team without a complimentary running game. Luckily for the 49ers, the two powerhouse teams in the division have had their struggles as well.

22 – Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: 17) QB – 13 | Offense – 11 | Defense – 28

The Colts really have to find their mojo. They should be better than an 0-2 start.

21 – New Orleans Saints (Last Week: 21) QB – 10 | Offense – 13 | Defense – 23

The Saints struggled in different ways over the first two weeks. Sean Payton doesn’t have too much to work with, so how will he attempt to fix things during the season?

20 – Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: 8) QB – 23 | Offense – 21 | Defense – 11

After a strong performance last week, Alex Smith struggled in Week Two against the Texans. Seems like deja vu…

19 – Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: 14) QB – 21 | Offense – 18 | Defense – 14

The Bengals had to find a different way to ride their offense this week and came up short defensively. The Bengals have consistently been a strong team in the regular season in the last five years, so there should be much to worry about.

18 – Detroit Lions (Last Week: 12) QB – 15 | Offense – 17 | Defense – 16

The Lions’ Week Two loss was the polar opposite of last week’s win against the Colts. The NFC North is once again pretty wide open based on the rest of the division’s play. The Lions just need to figure out how to be consistent, because they aren’t a bad team.

17 – Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 18) QB – 18 | Offense – 19 | Defense – 13

The Vikings made the with coo Sam Bradford and it payed off. However, they lost Adrian Peterson to an injury. Hopefully they get some better news about him.

16 – Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: 23) QB – 20 | Offense – 16 | Defense – 15

Ezekiel Elliot ran the ball much better in week two, he just needs to take care of the ball. Despite that, the Cowboys barely escaped Washington with a win. This has been a difficult season for the Cowboys already.

15 – New York Jets (Last Week: 22) QB – 19 | Offense – 12 | Defense – 19

The Jets proved they are capable of having a high-powered offense. When their defense starts playing to their skill level they can quietly be a dangerous team in the AFC.

14 – Houston Texans (Last Week: 13) QB – 17 | Offense – 20 | Defense – 9

The Texans are off to a strong start this season, and they are way ahead of any other team in their division at this point.

13 – Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: 2) QB – 8 | Offense – 28 | Defense – 1

The Seahawks have really been struggling behind a hobbled Russell Wilson and his messy offensive line. They won’t make it very far this season without doing something about those issues.

12 – Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: 17) QB – 16 | Offense – 14 | Defense – 12

The Ravens surprisingly fell behind early to the Browns on Sunday. In the end, however, they came back with Joe Flacco leading a game-winning drive. He’s been playing very well coming off an ACL injury.

11 – Oakland Raiders (Last Week: 9) QB – 14 | Offense – 5 | Defense – 21

The Raiders could easily have been 0-2 to start the season. The defense really needs to step up as a lot more was expected of the based on how they looked on paper.

10 – Green Bay Packers (Last Week: 5) QB – 12 | Offense – 15 | Defense – 10

Something is wrong with the Packers offense again this season. Perhaps Aaron Rodgers should use his R-E-L-A-X rant to turn things around once more.

9 – San Diego Chargers (Last Week: 30) QB – 6 | Offense – 3 | Defense – 20

The Chargers didn’t blow their huge lead this time. Their offense has played really well so far this season, and if their defense continues to reciprocate, San Diego will be a really tough team to beat in the AFC.

8 – Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: 26) QB – 1 | Offense – 6 | Defense – 18

The Falcons shocked everyone with a win over the Raiders in the second game of the season. Their offense has been the best in the league so far, and the defense made some improvements over last week’s embarrassment against the Bucs.

7 – Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: 10) QB – 11 | Offense – 9 | Defense – 8

Carson Wentz had another impressive performance on Monday night. What’s more important is that he isn’t showing any signs of hitting the rookie wall.

6 – New York Giants (Last Week: 11) QB – 7 | Offense – 10 | Defense – 7

All the money spent in the offseason has paid off so far. The Giants are looking like a team not to be reckoned with.

5 – Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: 6) QB – 3 | Offense – 7 | Defense – 5

The Cardinals bounced back from last week’s loss agains the Jimmy Garoppolo-led Pats with a convincing win against the Bucs. Moving forward, are this year’s Cardinals the Week One or Week Two version?

4 – Denver Broncos (Last Week: 4) QB – 9 | Offense – 8 | Defense – 2

The Broncos defense has been nothing short of dominant to start the season. Plus, Trevor Seimian has been pretty solid so far. There’s not much more you can ask from the Broncos at this point.

3 – Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: 3) QB – 5 | Offense – 4 | Defense – 3

The Steelers have had no problems through two weeks. They just need to make sure they stay consistent and focused.

2 – Carolina Panthers (Last Week: 7) QB – 4 | Offense – 1 | Defense – 6

The Panthers can’t turnover the ball four times every week. However, bouncing back form that and winning convincingly against the 49ers is pretty impressive.

1 – New England Patriots (Last Week: 1) QB – 2 | Offense – 2 | Defense – 4

The Patriots looked like they were in good shape with Jimmy Garoppolo running things until Tom Brady returns. However, after Garoppolo injured his shoulder the team may have to hold their breath with Jacoby Brissett until Week

This OTI Piece was written by Eli Bookstaber. Eli, born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, is a huge follower of all things NFL and an avid fan of the Redskins. He writes the weekly Power Rankings as well as “Bookie’s Playbook”, where Eli breaks down the X’s and O’s of various plays and things of the sort. He welcomes all feedback on his articles, and you can always talk to him about anything NFL-related. You can follow him on Twitter @Ebookstaber, but be prepared. He never shuts up.

Bookie’s Playbook: Vernon Hargreaves

Bookie’s Playbook: Vernon Hargreaves

Vernon Hargreaves was a highly touted cornerback coming out of college this past draft. He was a product of Florida, which has produced a good number of top-notch defensive backs over the years. Since 2006, the Gators have sent five first round picks and four Pro Bowlers to the NFL, accounting for 486 starts. Hargreaves had a big impact in the preseason. He racked up three passes defended and two interceptions. However, he had ups-and-downs in his first NFL game against the Falcons in Week One. Pro Football Focus gave the first round pick a grade of 44.9 out of 100 in coverage, which ranked him 74th in the league. Let’s look at the film.

Hargreaves is known to be an aggressive player. Sometimes that can be good, giving him the ability to make plays on the ball, but sometimes it can be bad. On this play Hargreaves was matching up in the slot.


He had his eyes in the backfield, noticing that a handoff was coming.


The wide receiver set up to block Hargreaves. However, that was juts a ruse as the Falcons ran a play-action. Hargreaves made his way to the runningback while his receiver scatted down the field.


Mohammed Sanu was wide open deep for the long completion, and Hargreaves was hung out to dry 15 yards away from the play.


Hargreaves is an active run defender, and this time his aggressiveness got the better of him as he gave up a long completion.

The Falcons didn’t always fool of him on Sunday. On this play they they tried to confuse the defense with pre-snap motion, which they did a lot in this game. The Bucs defense was playing zone. One of the easiest ways to tell if a defense in playing man or zone is when there is motion on the offense. If the defender who was guarding the player in motion doesn’t follow him across the field, the defense is playing zone.


With two receivers in front of him, Hargreaves was responsible for both of them as long as they were in his zone.


Matt Ryan threw a screen pass, and Hargreaves was instantly ready to make the play after a short gain.


Hargreaves has the ability to make plays for the highlight reel as long he learns when to bite and when to be patient. That should come from experience and film study.

Next I want to show you the hiccups Hargreaves and the secondary had in zone coverage. Here, he is responsible for the deep outside zone.


When the receiver who was in his zone broke inside, Hargreaves signalled someone to pick-up him. Meanwhile, the tight end crossed the field toward Hargreaves’ zone.


Hargreaves stayed with the receiver he initially defended, despite the fact another defender was guarding him. That completely vacated the outside zone for which Hargreaves was responsible, giving up a big gain.


On this next play there looks to be more confusion in the secondary. The Falcons used more motion to deceive the defense.


Before the motion, the near-side safety was the one responsible for covering the tight end. Since he shifted over the the other side, the other safety is now defending him in this man defense. There shouldn’t be any mistakes as to who guards whom.


However, the safety somehow got caught up defending Hargreaves’ man, which left the tight end wide open.


The defense was in a very simple alignment, and the offense’s route concept wasn’t complicated at all. Despite that, the defensive backs weren’t communicating well. That issue was happening too often during the game.

Hargreaves may have struggled a little in Week One, but he generally is solid in one category: man-to-man. Hargreaves excels in cat coverage more than in zone. On this play he had the toughest assignment: guarding Julio Jones.


Hargreaves may have been just be barely beat at the top of the route,


but he recovered and stuck with Jones all the way, forcing Matt Ryan to go elsewhere.


Hargreaves played like that in man coverage for most of the game; he was stuck to the players’ hip at the break and keeping tight coverage throughout the route. The only route Hargreaves struggle with against the Falcons were short routes, like curls and quick-ins. For most of the game he was playing off-coverage and started back-pedalling before the receiver reached him. That left him susceptible to those underneath routes. However, there’s nothing to worry about there. Those concepts are one of the easiest to fix in practice. Plus, he has Brent Grimes alongside him.

Grimes had an excellent game against the Falcons. He was targeted three times, allowing only five yards. He also added two pass-breakups.

So, it shouldn’t take long for Hargreaves to have the man coverage part of his game locked down.

The issue all night was mainly zone coverage and communication in the secondary. Those two things come hand-in-hand. In zone coverage you basically stay in one spot and communication is key to helping everyone be aware of where the receivers are moving. The Falcons shifted players around the field pre-snap, which affected the defense’s pre-snap coverage assignments. When receivers cross between zone there needs to be clear communication between the defenders so no one gets left open. That is also something that can be worked on in practice.

The last thing that Hargreaves needs to perfect is his discipline. He already has pretty good instincts in the run game, and he gets after the ball-carrier on runs and screen passes. Like I said earlier, learning team tendencies and watching a lot of film will help him with that.

With all that said, the Bucs should be excited about Hargreaves, and if he works hard he should get much better all-around as the season progresses.

This OTI Piece was written by Eli Bookstaber. Eli, born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, is a huge follower of all things NFL and an avid fan of the Redskins. He writes the weekly Power Rankings as well as “Bookie’s Playbook”, where Eli breaks down the X’s and O’s of various plays and things of the sort. He welcomes all feedback on his articles, and you can always talk to him about anything NFL-related. You can follow him on Twitter @Ebookstaber, but be prepared. He never shuts up.

OTI Power Rankings:Week 1

OTI Power Rankings: Week 1

32 – Tennessee Titans

After yet more changes this offseason, the Titans still have much to figure out to make some forward strides. We’ll see if Mike Mularkey can make anything happen.

31 – Cleveland Browns

The RG3 era in Cleveland didn’t last for long. Based on how he played it might be better to go with Josh McCown anyway.

30 – San Diego Chargers

It was not a good opening day for the Chargers. They started off very strong, and Melvin Gordon got his first two rushing touchdowns of his career. However, losing after having a 21-point advantage at the half is possibly the worst way to kick off a season.

29 – Los Angeles Rams

Case Keenum and the Rams were shut out in their first regular season game. How long will it be before Jared Goff takes over?

28 – Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor got a big extension in the offseason, but he still has to prove himself to make a big chunk of the deal. On Sunday he was subpar. Good things it’s just Week one, and he has 15 more games to prove himself.

27 – Chicago Bears

The Bears started out well against the Texans. However, in the second half they were forced to catch up using the passing game, unsuccessfully. That’s not so encouraging considering that in the Bears are reliant on Cutler throwing the ball.

26 – Atlanta Falcons

The defense continues to have tackling and coverage issues as the game went on. You’d expect that Dan Quinn would be able to fix something like that.

25 – Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins put up an impressive defensive performance against the Seahawks, but the offense came up empty in the red zone on a couple of occasions which ultimately had them short at the end of regulation. New offensive-minded head coach Adam Gase would’ve wanted to see more from Ryan Tannehill, who is looking for a big contract, and the rest of the offense.

24 – Washington Redskins

The Redskins missed out on many turnover opportunities, which alone could have gave them the win over the Steelers. Plus, the improved secondary struggled a lot. That’s something that they’d expect to improve immediately.

23 – Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys were probably expecting more from Dak Prescott and the rest of the offense in Sunday’s game against the Giants based on what they saw in the preseason. Is this the reality of the regular season or was it just one game?

22 – New York Jets

The Jets seem to be the same as last season; Ryan Fitzpatrick had a mediocre game, the pass rush was strong, but the secondary was the death of them.

21 – New Orleans Saints

This has probably been said many times before, but the Saints rode their offensive firepower to a near win while their defense didn’t give them much help. Now with Delvin Breaux out for a while things won’t get easier.

20 – Jacksonville Jaguars

This is a prime year for the Jags to make a leap. They had a tough matchup against the Packers and had a decent game, though beating a team like that would prove they in fact have made strides to becoming a playoff-calibre team. It would help if they had a run game going for them.

19 – San Francisco 49ers

Blaine Gabbert played well enough offensively and the 49ers defense took care of the rest as Chip Kelly started his tenure in San Fran with a win. As long as Gabbert doesn’t play badly and the 49ers win he’ll continue to start.

18 – Minnesota Vikings

As the Vikings figure out their team this season with the sudden loss of Teddy Bridgewater, the defense took care of things in Week 1 against the Titans. That’s one thing which Mike Zimmer will always take care.

17 – Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens must be excited to have Joe Flacco back. He got right in to the swing of things, leading the team to a Week 1 victory.

16 – Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck had a great game coming back from an injury-riddled 2015. However, the defense let him down once again. There’s only so much he can do.

15 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston was right on the money with his receivers in game one, leading the Buccaneers to a convincing win over the Falcons and into sole possession of first place in the division.

14 – Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton had a hard time staying on his feet, but when he was standing tall the Jets couldn’t stop the AJ Green connection.

13 – Houston Texans

Brock Osweiler started out shaky, but after the first drive he led the Texans to an impressive win over the Bears. That must be very encouraging for head coach Bill O’Brien and GM Rick Smith, who gave Osweiler a mega deal in the offseason.

12 – Detroit Lions

The Lions had a big game offensively against the Colts, but have some work to do in the defensive side of the ball. In the NFC North you have to be strong in the category.

11 – New York Giants

The Giants should be excited about their Week 1 win over their division rival Cowboys. The offense and defense both played well and players they’ve been missing had an impact.

10 – Philadelphia Eagles

Some may have thought the Eagles were starting Carson Wentz too early. However, he had a fairly good first regular season game and showed that he can be capable of leading this offense.

9 – Kansas City Chiefs

This may finally be the Chiefs’ opportunity to win their division. If they play like they did in the second half against the Chargers then they have a shot.

8 – Oakland Raiders

There are very high hopes for the Raiders this season. When Jack Del Rio decides to go for two hat the end of the game when the team is down by one shows the confidence he has in the roster.

7 – Arizona Cardinals

The tough and deep defense was looking to feast on Jimmy Garoppolo in his first start. They’ll look to regroup next week against Jameis Winston and the Bucs.

6 – Carolina Panthers

The Panthers got off to a bit of a rocky start. Overall they played a decent game against the defending Super Bowl champs, but the Panthers were lacking the dominating quality and swagger that made them a Super Bowl team last year.

5 – Green Bay Packers

Boy does Aaron Rodgers love having Jordy Nelson back! Rodgers looked very comfortable against the Jaguars both passing and running the ball. What a great way to start the season after a difficult 2015.

4 – Denver Broncos

The Broncos first game A.D. Manning was good considered they got the win behind Trevor Siemian, who had never played a regular season snap in his career (and obviously their defense). However they have their work cut out for them to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

3 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger and the offense cruised to an easy win over the Redskins to open up the 2016 campaign. They should be excited for the divisional match against Cincinnati next week.

2 – Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks didn’t play a flashy game, but their resiliency by the defense and quarterback Russell Wilson got the team the W.

1 – New England Patriots

Jimmy Garoppolo was solid filling in for Tom Brady in the first of four games without the future Hall of Famer. What’s even more helpful is that the Patriots don’t play on the road for the rest of Brady’s suspension.

This OTI Piece was written by Eli Bookstaber. Eli, born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, is a huge follower of all things NFL and an avid fan of the Redskins. He writes the weekly Power Rankings as well as “Bookie’s Playbook”, where Eli breaks down the X’s and O’s of various plays and things of the sort. He welcomes all feedback on his articles, and you can always talk to him about anything NFL-related. You can follow him on Twitter @Ebookstaber, but be prepared. He never shuts up.

9 Takeaways from Preseason Week 1




Jaguars Offense is loaded with talent

The Jaguars boast one of the most exciting young offences in the league, and their starters delivered a phenomenal performance in their preseason opener. Receiver Allen Robinson looks set to have another dominant season, making a couple of incredible catches against the Jets. Marquise Lee also chipped in with a spectacular grab of his own, a reminder of the depth that the Jags possess at the position. At running back, Chris Ivory will look to improve what was one of the worst redzone offenses in the league last year, and should form an exciting partnership with TJ Yeldon in the backfield.

Broncos’ starting quarterback remains up in the air

The quarterback situation in Denver is no clearer now than it was at the beginning of training camp. Mark Sanchez looks like the favourite to start on opening night against Carolina, but it is highly likely that Paxton Lynch will step into the lineup sooner rather than later. The rookie showed off his big arm and underrated athleticism in the Broncos’ shutout victory over the Bears. He was not drafted in the first round to sit behind Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian.

RGIII’s underwhelming debut

RGIII had an explosive start to his Cleveland Browns career, connecting with quarterback-turned-receiver Terrelle Pryor on a 49-yard bomb on the Browns’ first offensive play of the game. From there, things went downhill for the former offensive rookie of the year, throwing an interception at the end of his first drive and completing only half of his passing attempts. Browns fans will pray that Hue Jackson can help him regain some of the form from his sensational rookie season.

Dak Prescott is legit

The LA Rams’ first overall pick, Jared Goff, was not even close to being the most impressive rookie QB on the field at the LA Coliseum last Saturday. Cowboys backup QB Dak Prescott delivered the best performance of all the rookie throwers in the first week of the preseason, exuding confidence while remaining calm and composed within the pocket. The Cowboys have been searching for a backup and future replacement for Tony Romo for years, and it looks like they may finally have found their guy.

Mediocre start for Carson Wentz

The number 2 overall pick in this year’s draft had a mixed performance in his first NFL game against the Buccaneers. Wentz had some success on short and intermediate throws, but struggled with deep ball accuracy. He threw a bad interception, and still needs to perfect his mechanics in order to seize the starting role in Philly. It emerged after the game that he suffered a hairline fracture in his ribs, and it is unlikely that we will see him take the field again this preseason.

Blaine Gabbert is not a starting NFL quarterback

Three years ago, the 49ers were 5 yards away from winning a Super Bowl. Now, they face a very possible scenario in which Blaine Gabbert is their starter for the upcoming season. The former first round pick was extremely disappointing in Sunday’s game against the Texans, misfiring on two simple throws to Carlos Hyde on the opening drive of the game, and struggling with inaccuracy throughout the first quarter . If Colin Kaepernick cannot improve on his poor play from last season, it will be a long and ugly 2016 campaign for San Francisco.

Terrance West is a fantasy sleeper

The former Cleveland Browns’ running back is a player to keep an eye on late in fantasy drafts this year. West displayed excellent vision, speed and power in his limited playing time, and with Justin Forsett turning 31 in October, West could feature prominently in the Ravens’ backfield this season.

Christine Michael looks exceptional

Michael turned in a brilliant performance against the Chiefs, showing exceptional burst and power that we have not seen from him since entering the league. Thomas Rawls is still the main man in Seattle’s backfield, but Michael is sure to eat into Rawls’ carries if he continues to perform well throughout the preseason.

Titans’ running game could be special

Tennessee’s ‘exotic smashmouth’ offense was exciting to watch in their opening game of the preseason. 2014 offensive player of the year DeMarco Murray and bruising rookie rusher Derrick Henry formed a formidable pairing behind Marcus Mariota, rushing for a combined 167 yards against the Chargers. Murray looks like he has regained some of the speed that he lacked last year during his brief stint with the Eagles, while Henry showed the ability to abuse opposing defenders with his impressive size. The former Alabama star also displayed extremely nimble feet, a rare quality for such a big running back.

This OTI Piece was written by Cathal Keane. Cathal is a passionate Cincinnati Bengals fan from Dublin who enjoys studying and analysing game film. Cathal also plays for the Dublin Rebels in the Irish American Football League. Follow him on Twitter @whodeycathal

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